Captivating Photography

Here’s an really neat photo of airplanes taking off at Hannover Airport by artist  Ho-Yeol Ryu.
This digital print is currently on display at the Migrations Exhibition at the Municipal Art Gallery of Kalamata.

From the Exhibitions Website:
“In our globalized society, where the world is a hastily hybridizing culture, there are still deep feelings of nationality, a continued missing of “home”, and a desire to know our place. The exhibition “Migrations” examines the way we approach our overall similarities as well as the varied ways we deal with our differences. The artists reveal how some of us find comfort in closing ourselves off to others, some of us bond with our “own” in the assimilation, some create distractions (economically fueled or otherwise) to keep the movement flowing, and still others simply continue to move. “Migrations” gives an outsider’s outlook on a world not completely one’s own in an attempt for viewers to see their own world in a new perspective.”

More Info:


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